It’s Our Business

‘archives’  noun \ˈär-ˌkīvz\

The word alone denotes valuable records and documents, and the place in which they are kept.  As our corporate name, it also represents our unique system of business records organization coupled with storage and retrieval services in a secured off-site location.

Archives will manage your records retention program with services including:

  • Assistance with boxing, indexing and cataloging your documents
  • Prompt and efficient storage transfer from your location
  • Confidential record tracking system
  • Box or file retrieval and delivery
  • 24-hour access availability
  • Secure Destruction

Your Archives team is skilled, with the ability to purge, index, and pack your records in about half the time it would take you (or a member of your staff) to do it yourself.

Once your files are relocated, you will discover valuable space within your office to re-designate for a new use.

And, perhaps more importantly, your files will be placed in our off-site facility having 24-hour security. You can rest assured that your records are properly filed, securely stored, and just a phone call away should you need them.

Let’s also talk about destruction of confidential information – both paper and electronic.  With a regular pick up schedule, Archives will supply your company with locked document collection bins in a size suited to meet your specific needs.  We also have attractive office consoles which can double as a printer/fax counter.  Another option is to call for service when your bin is full or you have designated a large amount of absolete records for destruction.  All shredding is done within our secure facility and will be verified by a Certificate of Destruction.

With complete life cycle management of your information, Archives is your trusted partner for Complete Records and Confidential Information Protection.

Contact us for a complete list of services and pricing at 262.631.5680 or reach out electronically through our ONLINE FORM.